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The Full Story

We at Pranaveda believe that there's no such thing as coincidence and that rather things happen for the right reasons when the time is right and  this was very much the case when Pandora and Sarah crossed paths in 2022. 


Together we have followed our visions but bringing them together in the same space to create what is now PRANAVEDA, a holistic health company that aspires to reach you through the power of energetic healing, Pandora with her profound experience in health assists you in releasing energetic blocks with her specialised sessions to meet physical, mental and emotional needs to then energise and boost self-healing.


Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge having worked in health for over 20 years. In this space she provides Ayurvedic, Yoga and Nutritional professionalism to assist you in understanding your unique body constitutional needs by discovering your dosha, she then tailors' a portfolio based on what resonates with you such as nutrition, menus, shopping lists, yoga forms and mantra, sound and art therapy, growing and understanding medicinal herbs.

We believe in advocating for others on their health journey in becoming your own health expert, empowering you with the knowledge to provide yourself with ongoing maintenance tailoring your daily routines to incorporate strategies that can assist you in becoming your best self.



Business Founders

Pandora Rockett & Sarah Hodgson

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