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Pranaveda @ The O Retreat

CancelledStay Tuned for 2024 offerings

Pranaveda at The O Retreat, Middleton, Tasmania, Australia

1st - 3rd December, 2023

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Sarah and Pandora are excited to welcome you to

our PRANAVEDA Retreat .....

We bring together for the ultimate in energy healing, relaxation and cleansing:

  • Pranic Healing

  • Twin Hearts Meditation

  • Yoga and Ayurveda

2 nights, 2.5 days

Retreat offerings Include:

  • Individual Pranic Healing Session

  • Individual Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga)

  • Dosha Constitution Analysis by Pulse Diagnosis

  • Ayurvedic Food included in the price

  • (suitable for all dosha constitutions)

  • Twin Heats (GMCKS) Meditation Sessions

  • Ayurvedic Yoga

  • Secluded Natural Bush + Water View Setting

  • Uniquely designed + Energy conscious retreat

Feel Amasing Twice!

10% of your retreat investment goes to the Yoga Impact Charity to support scholarship funding for those wishing to Study Yoga for Trauma with Body Mind Heart Yoga Training

Vegetarian, locally sourced, sustainable, energising and cleansing sattvic food.
(Vegan & dietary needs on request)
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kitchen and lounge area.JPG
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3 bed room retreat.JPG

Room B
Still Available

db with ensuite retreat.jpg
retreat dbl and single.jpg

Room A

Room C
Still Available

Room D

Investment In YOU:

 Room A: 1 x Queen $1400 per person (2 share)  SOLD

Room B: 1 x Queen $1300 per person (2 share) 

Room C: 1 x Double & Single $1200 per person (3 share)

Room D: 3 x Singles, 1 room $1200 per person (3 share)  TBC NEARLY SOLD

* options available for sole occupancy at additional cost


Sarah 0409 703 598

Pandora 0400 810 038



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