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Pandora Rockett

Twin Hearts Meditation (GMCKS)

This beautiful meditation cleanses you while blessing mother earth, bringing connection of mind, body and energy,  while grounding and supporting you with such powerful techniques that once experienced will never be forgotten.



To bring light and love, balance and energy, cleansing your aura, release blockages and open your heart to wonders of your surroundings, connecting you to the here and the now, to mother earth and the beauty of what is possible when we expand our minds and go beyond our immediate thoughts and create higher levels of consciousness.


Simple yet powerful techniques introduced by master Chao Kok Sui to achieve cosmic consciousness or what may otherwise be known as "illumination."

A perfect ritual for finding inner peace and can be practiced by anyone. It doesn't follow any particular religious beliefs or teachings and appeals to so many from very diverse backgrounds.

This meditation aims to let go of excess energy and negativity and balance your body's needs, bringing peace and happiness to your life.

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