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Yoga Pose


"If you can breathe you can do yoga."

Someone Wise

Sarah believes that providing access to the powerful healing of yoga is of upmost importance, and even more important breaking away from the stigma of needing to attend a yoga class, be flexible, young, coordinated with strength and athletic ability to attain difficult formations, the possible pressure of wearing designer yoga clothing and already knowing what yoga is about and how to do it.


Yoga for you may mean that Sarah tailors specialised yoga programs for you in a hospital setting, nursing home, your house, a clinic, your organisation or club, school, online, in person solo, in a class, on a chair and if you prefer on a mat and perhaps as nature intended, outside connecting to your surroundings, "earthing."

The style of yoga Sarah has been trained in through Body Mind  Heart Training in conjunction with The Yoga Impact Charit was profound in its link to a Trauma Informed approach when planning yoga classes.


Sarah has been trained in evidence based, scientifically proven yoga sequences to improve levels of stress, anxiety, depression and reduce the impact of trauma for vulnerable populations including return soldiers and family, death or accidents causing impact, surgery and trapped trauma, domestic violence, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, bullying, in-utero, birth or post-natal trauma and post-natal depression, attention difficulties, body image and eating disorders, refugees and or displaced persons.

Sarah is able to tailor programs to suit your needs and looks forward to meeting you to discuss things further.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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